Why, How, and What it is.


“…because everyone deserves a nice home”.

This is why we founded CoBuildIT.  We believe firmly that every one desires, and deserves a roof over their heads; the better if they own it.



… much better still if they CobuildIT.  When people come together, economies of scale kicks in, and ensures that they are able to harness opportunities, and get much more value out of limited resources. Our model offers people a platform, and frameworkto team up, and do real estate projects, such that they can cut cost by as much as 40%, and can live in places that they could otherwise not afford.



We offer a Project Management service that aggregates demand for housing on our platform -, to create projects. Our platform brings together in one place, all the people, and resources that individuals require to build their home.


 CoBuildIT is the result of years of dissatisfaction with the status quo, and repeatedly asking the question, “how can we get more people to be able to afford decent housing?”

Although there is no certainty around the often-quoted deficit figure of 17million housing units, there is little doubt that buying a home in Nigeria is not only expensive, but in too many cases, the quality of what is eventually bought is atrocious.

To lower prices and improve outcomes, we have designed our offering around removing the inefficiencies in the traditional procurement systems by opening it up, and giving home buyers greater control;developing better construction technology, and ultimately providing low cost mortgage financing so that any, and everyone can actually own the home they desire, and deserve.

We do not merely want to be a successful company. Our aim is to link arms with others, and lead the movement to change how we do housing.